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Our collective health and well-being are my top priority

I'm fulled vaccinated and boosted

As of 3/12/2022 Clients no longer have to wear a mask before and after their treatment,  but please do what makes you comfortable.  I will wear a mask only while actively working on clients.  If you're immune compromised or someone in your home is, I'm happy to wear a mask for the duration of your appointment, simply ask. 

 The Oregon Health Authority has outlined some changes that I’ve implemented. 

Here’s what is most notable:​​​

  • Providing hand sanitizer and tissues to clients in the waiting room and treatment room

  • Accepting contactless payment via Venmo and Cash App (in addition to cash and card payments)​​​

Things I was already doing and will continue to do:

  • Washing my hands at the beginning of each treatment with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds and drying with a single-use paper towel

  • Use hand sanitizer after checking out a client with either cash or card and disinfecting my phone after swiping a card

  • Keeping client contact information

  • Use a hospital grade disinfectant registered with the EPA and that meet the criteria for use against the virus that causes COVID-19

  • Using disposable gloves with each client

  • Use only single-use probes

  • Disinfecting restroom at least once a day

  • Disinfecting all touched/used items after each treatment

    • Tweezers, probe caps and eyecovers

    • My epilator machine front, probe cord, magnifying glasses, cataphoresis roller and cord

I’m staying up to date with guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority and want to make you feel comfortable and safe when you come to me for Electrolysis.

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