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Chronic cancellations and/or rescheduling of appointments disrupt the flow of business, even with 72-hour notice.  Clients are asked to keep cancellations and/or reschedulings to a respectful minimum.

Most appointments are booked back to back and your treatment time starts at the scheduled time.  If you are running late, I will extend treatment time if possible, otherwise you will be charged the full amount for the time that is remaining of your appointment.

If you are a new client please arrive a few minutes early to fill out a Client History Form that is on the clipboard on the side table in the waiting room.  Aftercare instructions are attached and are yours to keep. 

Taking Ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment is an easy way to help make for a more comfortable treatment.

You can help to prepare your skin before your treatment by moisturizing your skin with the product(s) you usually use. The chemical reaction Electrolysis makes is based upon the water content in your follicles and having well-moisturized skin makes for a more comfortable treatment and less possibility of visible side effects afterwards during the healing process.

Drinking extra water in the two days before your appointment is the single best thing you can do to ensure a comfortable and efficient appointment!

The hair you want treated just needs to be long enough for me to epilate with tweezers after I treat the follicle.  If the hair is on your chin, upper lip, cheek or neck, 2-3 days of growth is usually long enough.  In general, if the hair is long enough that you can feel it with your fingers, it's long enough.  The hair is used as a guide to accurately insert into the follicle and I epilate the hair with my tweezers after treating the follicle. If you have specific questions about your hair and how long it needs to be, feel free to send me a message with your appointment request, email me or call or text.  

If you are a new client to Laurelhurst Electrology (even if you've had Electrolysis somewhere else) a consultation is required by the OHA (Oregon Health Authority) with your first visit.  When scheduling your appointment online please also schedule a free 15-minute consultation along with your chosen appointment time so we can go over the best treatment plan for you 

($55 for the consultation is charged if 72-hour notice for cancellations or changes is not given).  

Treatments are available in the same visit directly after a consultation if booked.  If you're unsure of how long of a treatment to book for your first appointment, a 30-minute treatment is a good place to begin.  I will recommend a personalized treatment time after your first appointment.

Please note, a 72-hour notice for changes or cancellations is required and a fee of 50% of the scheduled treatment or a $50 fee for a consultation will be charged if proper notice is not given.

*if you are sick you will not be charged for cancelling/rescheduling. 

Cash, cards, Venmo and Cash App accepted.  


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